Dreamer’s Girl

​How strange.

I know that you don’t care about me. But still i care about you. Really strange. I know you are ignoring me. But still i can’t. Maybe it’s my weekness. Maybe you are the one I’ve trusted the most. But how can i tell you. I don’t know.

Maybe you can’t trust me the way i do. 

It’s you who give me the light in darkness. It’s you who give me the strength to overcome my fears. But u can’t see that. It’s only my point of view. You are almost every happiness to me. 

Yeah. I can’t tell you that. I’m speechless infront of you. It’s difficultto eexplain how i feel about you. It’s almost impossible. I’m a bit of shy. 

Maybe i love you. Yes, maybe i really do. Maybe you are the one, i really care about you. 

Words can’t describe your beauty. You’re way cuter than you thought. I want you with me in every hard situation i face. And i promise I’ll be with you in your hard times. 

Yeah. It’s way stranger than i thought.


It’s strange.

You want me as a best friend, without knowing me? 

Strange. Really strange. You know , it’s difficult for me to be bestfriend with someone i didn’t Know properly. Maybe you ware hurt when i say “i can’t” but didn’t want to know, why i said that. 

From my side . I thought that you don’t even care about me. But that day your lines just touched the core of my heart. Your words made me think again about you. For the first time, my prediction for someone got wrong . 

And i knew. That you are not an ordinary girl. You have something special in you.

You know. You’re my best friend. But I’ll not tell you that. I want you to know it by yourself. 

But i think, now you don’t want me the same. Like you wanted me last time. But i don’t care. Its ok to be ordinary friends.

Each and everyday you’re getting important for me. 

we are like the opposite sides of  a same magnate. We have magnatic bonds that attract us. But we can’t meet, cz there is a lot of distence between us.

I really don’t want to lose you. You are the most beautiful thing ever happen to me. 

Please be with me. Always. 

My opposite point.  ❤

Memories of Autumn


So it’s Monday morning. And i woke up really late today. Cause i was doing the project work last night, and it took me 3am to finish it. So i got lait for school. And i have to stay at home.

I was sitting by the window and studying. And i get bored. Through I don’t like to study too much. So i was thinking what to do. And i found nothing except social networking. 

So thinking what to do i realize that Autumn has come. And i didn’t noticed . Actually there was a time when i use to enjoy the Autumn. But now a days i really don’t have time for this . homework, exams if i finally get some me time, i waste it on social networking. It’s one of my bad habits.

Actually when i was a kid, i use to enjoy this time. And i use to wait the whole year for the Autumn. There was a tree in our backyard. He was not just a tree for me. He was my bestest friend. His name was ‘btuck’ .

You might be thinking, “name of a tree?!” . Yes !                                             Because he was not just a tree for me, he was my friend. A friend who will never leave me. I use to share my every secret with him. Cause i knew he will never tell it to anyone.

4years ago he died. It was a shock for me. It took me a week to come out from the shok. It was like i lost a part of me. 

After that. I made many friends. Many best friends. But no one could ever replace him. 


Ouh.. Mom’s calling                               gotta go.